Your company’s success is dependent on meeting your customers’ needs. We help you learn how to make it happen more often. 

Areas of Focus


Establishing Your Company’s Values and Behaviors

Do your employees know how you expect them to behave? If you want to create a service excellence culture, you need to identify the values and behaviors you want exemplified. And your staff need to be the ones creating these values and behaviors! We will partner with you to conduct focus groups of your staff to set your company’s behavioral expectations. Without clear behavioral standards, it is hard to hold employees accountable. 

Conducting Service Excellence Workshops for Leaders

Would you like to expose your leaders to how some of the companies known for their great service accomplish this feat? We can help them learn from companies like Disney, Southwest Airlines, Pike’s Place and more. This is a fun and engaging workshop that can change your company’s culture. 

Conducting Service Excellence Workshops for Staff

Would you like to have your staff learn the basics of service excellence? We work with your staff on key customer interactions such as how to greet customers, how to handle wait times, and how to handle complaints.  

Coaching on Service Excellence

We partner with leaders to assist them in coaching their employees who are not creating the best possible customer experience.