Leaders often spend hours in meetings, yet many criticize them as unproductive, ineffective, and boring. We make them more successful.  

Featured programs

Keynote Speaking

We can provide a keynote for your company meeting. We have had experience providing keynotes to audiences varying in sizes from 20 to 600.  

Workshop: How to Run a Meeting 

Leaders learn how to run effective meetings and establish standards for the entire company. No more meetings without understanding why you are there. No more meetings where you sit idle. No more meetings when you leave questioning if anything was decided. 

areas of focus


Planning the meeting

We work with you to plan and then coach you on how to facilitate a company meeting. Do you have an upcoming Board or leadership meeting that you want to make sure is inspiring, effective, and engaging? We have planned and facilitated hundreds of such meetings and can help you make sure your meeting is a success. 

Facilitating the meeting

Sometimes after planning a meeting, you realize that you want to be more of a participant at that meeting, rather than the facilitator. We can serve as your meeting facilitator.